How do we start a collaboration?

1. A telephone conversation
Everything starts with a telephone discussion related to the desired services such as a new project, software changes or the improvement of a website.
After we clarify the desired service, the client will send an email with a summary of the discussion based on which he will receive an estimate of time and cost.

2. Technical details

a) If it is a new project, we need the client to send us as many details as possible about the project in order to make a correct estimate. Ex: options, functionalities, design (in the case of websites), automation, similar sites (in the case of websites), examples of functionality, examples of logos, banners or colors, etc…
b) If it is about the changes of a current software/site, the client must provide us with details about the platform on which the site is found, the version, what kind of new functionality he wants to add or modify.
c) If you want to provide Web Design services such as banners for the website, logo creation or web design for advertising campaigns, we are waiting for ideas and details related to sizes, colors, etc…

All projects are carried out on our servers and upon their completion, the client is invited to test the new project.

3. Price estimate

After establishing the technical details, an estimate is made of the number of hours required to complete the task or project depending on its complexity.
Estimates represent 95-98% of the final cost.
The estimate will be sent to the client along with the cost per programming / design hour and the project completion date.
If the estimate is approved, the client is asked to pay an advance of 40-50% of the project value (in the case of small projects) or several advance installments (proportionately lower) in the case of large projects spanning several months.
At the closing of the project, before it goes into production, the remaining payment difference will be paid.

Do you want to talk to an expert?

The advantages of collaboration with Aweb Design

Understanding customer needs

the journey begins with a deep understanding of the customer's needs and goals. This requires active listening, empathy and the ability to ask questions to uncover the client's pain points and aspirations.

Clear communication

effective communication is the cornerstone of collaboration. Open and transparent dialogues through various communication channels ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Customized solutions

our company adapts its products or services to meet the specific needs and preferences of the client. Personalization is key to delivering value and building trust.

Feedback loops

encouraging and acting on feedback is crucial. Both parties should feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, concerns, and suggestions to continually improve the collaboration.

Flexibility and adaptability

we have the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and changing customer needs. A successful partnership is one that can pivot when needed.


transparency about costs, performance metrics and other relevant information helps build trust. Customers appreciate knowing where their investments are going.

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