🥇Creating an eCommerce website

AWeb Design has extensive experience in creating custom-designed online stores, supported by an e-commerce platform capable of responding brilliantly to the needs of your business.

Website Design

Website Design

100% customized and adaptable to any device.

Unlimited Products & Categories

Unlimited Products & Categories

Whether you want to sell 1 product or 1,000,000

Product Filters

Product Filters

With an unlimited number of options and categories

Newsletter system

Newsletter system

Periodically send news and promotions to customers

Fast and efficient

Very useful for an undecided customer

Customers are more willing to buy a product with reviews

You will receive emails from your customers

You have detailed reports on your business


Demo Platform

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What do we offer you?

Everything you need for your online business to succeed! We can develop online stores of any degree of complexity, so that the final product meets the needs of your business. Here are just a few of the elements that can become part of your future online store:

Administration panel

Administration panel

Which makes it easy to set up your store

Static page management

Static page management

You can easily change the content of any page

Customer accounts

Customer accounts

Be aware of all your customer orders

Discount system

Discount system

Perfect for all the offers and campaigns you create

Various payment methods

Various payment methods

A full list to choose how you want to make the payment

Integration of social networks

Integration of social networks

Allows you to popularize your online store

Some of the benefits we offer!

Responsive Design
Detailed statistics

A website is responsive if it has the ability to adapt the layouts (design) of the pages according to the viewing environment (more precisely the screen resolution – desktop, laptop, tablet, phone), without suffering major degradation, to provide them users an excellent browsing experience.

There are approximately 1.58 billion active websites in the world. There are 4.45 billion internet users worldwide. Two out of three people prefer to read beautifully designed content. 90% of people use multiple screens sequentially. Mobile devices account for almost 70% of all internet traffic.

Design has a 75% influence on the credibility of a website. Slowly loading websites result in a $ 2.6 billion loss of revenue each year. Users spend an average of 5.94 seconds on the main image of a website.

Want to see some examples?

Below you can see some examples of online stores created by us. For more details, click on the image:

Do you urgently need software for an online store?

Do you urgently need software for an online store?

If you urgently need an online store then maybe you should also check our turnkey store software.

I want an eCommerce

E-commerce design

Modern and responsive design

Modern and responsive design

Optimized for a pleasant user experience.

Modern and responsive design

Modern and responsive design

So that the image of your store reflects its vision and goals.

Product Presentation Module

Product Presentation Module

Useful for highlighting certain products.

Card Module

Card Module

Custom module for displaying the shopping cart.

Newsletter module

Newsletter module

Modul de Newsletter personalizat.

Scroll to top option

Scroll to top option

So that users can more easily navigate to the top of the page.

Demo Platform

Go to the software presentation page now

Included features

Show Similar Products

Helpful in making the right purchase.

Quick View

Quick access to product information.

Wish List

Useful for saving favorite products.

Setting Multiple Images For Products

You can display multiple images for each product.

Ajax Module Live Search

Quick search mode, displaying the list of products, price, categories, and manufacturers.

Home Products Module

It automatically generates products every 24 hours, based on the selected options.

Integrated Carousel For Displaying Products

This can be used for both products and banners.

Secțiune Adăugare Opinii Produse

Customers can evaluate products by giving them a rating and expressing their own opinion.

Manufacturers section

You can display the list of manufacturers within the store.

Product Return Section

Model return form, suitable for such requests.

Display Warranty Products

You can display both the duration of the warranty and its details.

Multi-Language Store

You can display the store using different languages.

Vertical Menu Module

The mode that keeps the category menu displayed on the first page of the store.

Category Products Presentation Mode

Allows a custom selection of products to be displayed on category pages.

Categories Presentation Mode

Useful for displaying products from a certain category, depending on the chosen criterion, having the possibility to customize 2 different types of templates.

It's never been easier to have an online store that you can manage with minimal effort.

Website Administration Tools

Administration Categories

You can easily manage the categories as well as their filters

Producer Management

Section where you can quickly add and edit manufacturers

Managing Customers, Customer Groups, and Orders

You have complete control and visibility over your customers and orders!

Product Administration

You can quickly set product information, attributes and options

Sales / Returns Administration

Here you can check the status of received orders, as well as that of returned products

Detailed statistics system!

You can manage your store more easily with detailed sales, product, customer, and GDPR reports

Import / Export Excel files!

Module for import / export using Excel files (.xls). It can import or export: products, categories, options, filters or customers

Product feeds

Feeds for price comparison sites (such as shopmania.ro, compari.ro, price.ro) for easier promotion of your products

Administration Banners

You can easily set and customize banners for your store

Administration Pages Information

Îți poți adăuga propriul conținut în cadrul paginilor de informații

Plugins section

In this section, you can add, set, and customize the plugins you need

Backup / Restore Database option

Thus, your data will be safe, and you can always restore the database

Administration of Vouchers and Gift Coupons

You can customize the Vouchers and Gift Coupons offered in your store

Administration of Product Stock Statuses

You can quickly manage product stock statuses

Management of Comments / Reviews

You can easily and quickly check the comments / reviews before approving them

Import Products Suppliers (optional)

Modul opțional ce importă produsele de la anumiți furnizori


2650 Lei


  • Free installation
  • Free updates for 6 months
  • Source code access
  • Own license
  • Administration accounts (Unlimited)
  • Number of products (Unlimited)
  • Theme (default + colorix)
2950 Lei

Standard + Hosting

  • Includes all Standard package
  • Hosting included (1 Year)
  • FTP Access
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Included space 3 GB
  • Sincidunt ut laoreet dolor

Do you have questions?

Please read our frequently asked questions column, and if you don’t find the answer you want, you can always contact us!

I want to buy the store, what should I do?

1. Place your order on the website using the form below
2. Pay the proforma invoice received by email
3. Purchase a domain name: .ro, .com, .info, .eu, etc...
4. You create an account on the site
5. Send us an email with proof of payment and domain name
6. In a maximum of 2 working days you will have your own online store

Is there a product limit?

Not! Your online store is designed for an unlimited number of products or categories.

Will I receive support on how to use the platform?

We ensure the installation and configuration of the platform so that it works in normal parameters. Also, the discovered bugs will be fixed using the update system. Any problem arising as a result of the customer's improper use or modification of the platform will only be remedied at a cost.

If I don't want to purchase the hosting services, can I buy
the platform separately?

Yes. In this case, the price of the hosting will be deducted from the price of the platform and it will be purchased separately, but under these conditions we do not guarantee the correct operation of the platform.

How long is it ready?

From the receipt of the money in a maximum of 12 - 48 hours you will have the online store installed.

I am a individual. Can I sign up?

Yes! We can conclude collaboration contracts both with individuals and with legal entities.

Can I use the same license if I own multiple domains?

No, the license is valid for one domain only. A separate license is purchased for each additional domain. There is a discount for more than 2 licenses.

Can I implement electronic payment processors in this
online store?

Yes, any payment processor can be implemented on this platform, but they are not part of the basic package, but can be installed separately for a fee.

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