What is web analytics?

Web analytics play an essential role in understanding user behavior, optimizing performance and ultimately achieving online goals.
The primary goals of website analytics include improving user satisfaction, improving functionality, and increasing overall performance.
With the help of the analysis, you can see if the optimizations made on the site are relevant for users and increase traffic. If you have negative effects, the intervention of a specialized team is necessary to have a positive result.
In other words, online store analytics refers to the collection, reporting and analysis of data associated with your website.

How to analyze a website?

Site analysis involves the systematic examination of the various elements that contribute to the performance and effectiveness of a site.
It is customized according to each individual website and is done manually by an expert in the field and contains identified problems and suggestions for solving several key components of the site such as: UX (User Experience), Design , Mobile Responsive, Performance, Server, various bugs/mistakes and suggestions for various improvements.

What does a website analysis include?

The data we analyze includes:

Upon completion of the web analysis of the online store, you will receive a report in PDF format, which includes the best recommendations on the next steps.

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